THE  LEE  QUEE  SISTERS - Sarah Ah Mann, Maudie Kum Sing - Sewter, Sadie Watson - Yanner, Bessie Burke - Sullivan.

Sarah Ah Mann - The Cusack Family and the Griffiths Family.

Sadie Watson - Yanner - The Watson Family and the Yanner Family.

Bessie Burke - Sullivan - The Reid Family, Burke Family and the Sullivan Family.

Maudie Kum Sing - Sewter -The Kum Sing Family and the Sewter Family.

Extended Families - The Brown Family and the Jacob Family.

" Looking forward to meeting everyone again or for the first time."

Variations to the Spelling of "Lee Quee" -

In the past, there were communication barriers, non-english speaking family members and officials who didn't care about how they recorded the name, so over the years there were other variations of the spelling recorded as the following:-

Ah Quay, Lee Quay, Le Quay, Le Quoy, Ah Quey

08/07/2018 - Contact the Burketown Visitors Centre for Camping Enquiries.

08/07/2018 - 4 DAYS TO GO - See you all there!

06/07/18 - The North West Star will promote our event on their Facebook Page at Noon, today and in TUESDAY's Paper.

Everyone is invited to participate in the procession. Publicly acknowledge the women in your lives, who have contributed to your own success.

10/06/2018 - 4 and a half weeks to go - Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Burketown in the Gulf of Carpentaria

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